The mission of Jan-Care Ambulance’s Compliance Program is to support Jan-Care’s mission and values as well as to help the institution fulfill its responsibilities to the people in our communities in an environment based upon ethical behavior and compliance with applicable laws, rules, and guidelines.  The Jan-Care Ambulance is committed to meeting the highest standards of medical and business ethics.  We are intolerant of fraud, waste and abuse and violations of such guidelines and regulations.

Compliance Department assists, advises and educates all employees - directors, officers, hospital staff, and associated or affiliated contract workers - on how to prevent, detect, and correct employee violations of the Federal, State, or local laws, or institution policy and procedure violations.
We promote an open work environment so that all individuals associated with Jan-Care Ambulance feel free to communicate openly on such issues.
Founded in 2009, the Compliance program is designed to:

•    Protect our organization, employees, and customers.
•    Preserve the level of integrity that Jan-Care Ambulance is known for.
•    Maintain effective internal controls that promote adherence to legal and ethical standards; promote the prevention, detection, and resolution of illegal or unethical conduct.
•    Promote the continued effort to do the right thing.